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Benefits of Residing in Natural Concrete Cottage Homes

Wales Hamlet offers both comfortable and energy efficient concrete cottages. The properties are quite attractive since the constructors use eco-friendly methods and materials during building. Also, the designs used are adequate to allow space for solar panels either on the roof or as auning. In addition, you can opt for a wind mill on the waterfront or biogas as a source of natural gas, the tenants are also advantaged by having modern facilities for recycling used water.
The main approach for having to build such homes is to ensure there is reduced environmental pollution. The sustainable designs used are 100% free from carbon emissions. Hamlets built are beautiful and attractively located within the agricultural environment. Benefits of residing in these properties is that they are multi-purpose where you can rent either for corporations and executives, professionals or even a residence with their families.

Various features available in these homes include efficient and tested insulators, airtight cottages, and low impact materials which are all natural. Besides there is a solar design system, scheme of water management, boilers, neutral carbon materials and water harvesting systems. During the construction you can prove that the experts do not use wood from either conserved forests or illegally harvested trees. Therefore, all their homes are built with the application of green energy in mind and preservation of water and natural resources. Also, the homes are healthy by reducing the amount of waste and makes the occupant even more comfortable.

These residents are located close to natural forests. All the materials used during construction are locally produced hence reducing the costs of either renting or buying the home. The designs are expendable and simple to renovate by their flexibility. These homes are quite durable since they can last for so many years without wearing out and requiring any major repairs. Significantly, they are tested in such a way they can with stand tropical weathers. From the tests, it has been proven that the homes are resistant to decaying and they are not easily destroyed when attacked by insects. The living room consists of large windows which allows in more light during the day and reduces darkness in the rooms. The kitchen is open planned consisting of build in drawers to allow maximum packaging space for all your kitchen appliances.

By use of solid materials during construction efficiency is enhanced as the occupants are offered with high protection. The fact that the homes are compact that could mean the amount of electricity used during cold seasons for room heaters is reduced, also during the hot seasons you do not have to use a lot of energy for cooling. The compactness ensures little heat enters the room and during the cold weather the heat inside does not get out of the rooms. Therefore, the homes saves you up to 50% of electricity. The contractors consist of qualified designers who are experienced in the construction industry. They apply modern construction technology which are currently in the sector to ensure they consider the factor class. You can find these comfortable homes at your nearest location at an affordable price.

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